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Make A Choice That Makes A Statement

2bU, a premium and all-natural vending program is the latest innovation from Canteen, the nation’s largest vending company. A reflection of our commitment to wellness, 2bU is our answer to the demand for a healthful vending alternative that both educates and rewards students, staff and your community. 

People are drawn to the modern and sleek look of 2bU, and they give it a second look for what’s inside: a wide selection of delicious and nourishing food and beverages from popular natural products companies. 2bU’s nourishing products and interactive, energy-efficient vending machines promote self-awareness of our choices and how they influence the health and well-being of ourselves, our community and our environment.

Not just a candy bar on the run, 2bU is built on these concepts: 
Wellness: 2bU enables consumers to make smart food choices throughout the day that contribute to a balanced lifestyle.  
Social Responsibility: 2bU offers products that support health, organic production methods and a range of charitable organizations. Your choice of vending products is a statement that simply says you honor your personal well-being and the environment. 
Convenience: 2bU makes it easy to purchase healthful snacks and drinks when time is tight. It’s the perfect marriage of health and convenience.

Make Your Selection Here
Join some of the country’s leading hospitals, universities and businesses that have added 2bU to their vending machine choices. Stand out from the rest with 2bU, a new destination within your organization that is strategically placed in stand alone, high traffic locations. When it comes to a deliciously simple way to encourage people in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, 2bU pushes all the right buttons.
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A New Breed In Vending

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chose to incorporate this "new high tech vending machines at its three hospitals that offer a dazzling array of more healthful alternatives to standard snacks."  


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